Huff and Puff Racing

Healthy and Active Together
The 4th Annual
Huff and Puff Obstacle Run!

Save The Date: May 12th, 2018



Only Event like it in Ohio!
This combines Zombies, Paintball, and Obstacles, all in one!  

Date: TBD
Help get ticket price down to $25-30/person!

Help us raise money to improve our events! A little goes a long way when we work together. Scan the QRS Code or click the button to our crowdfunding site for more information!
  1. Year 3
    Year 3
    May 13-14
    The 3rd year was another success. This event was a 5K with 40 different obstacles, totaling over 100. We set a world record for the longest mud pit. We had over 400 participants and donation to the American Lung Association is TBD. Logo upgraded as well!
  2. The Begining
    The Begining
    Huff and Puff Racing started as just an LLC in 2015. It was initiated by Dylan Kadow to provide community service hours to BGSU Class of 2015 Respiratory Therapy Program. Check out our first logo.
  3. Year 1
    Year 1
    May 16 2015
    Our first event was a 5 Mile and 5K option with 15-20 obstacles. We had 97 participants and donated $200 to the American Lung Association. Check out the Logo update.
  4. Year 2
    Year 2
    May 21 2016
    A year went by and we started to get the hang of this event planning. This year was an 8K with 25 obstacles. End result was about 200 participants and donated $1,000 to the American lung association. Check out the mild Logo update.
Huff and Puff Racing Inc. is an event production company that puts on obstacle/adventure themed races. We are currently a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Corporation devoted to funding medical research and causes. 

TAX ID #:  47-5416193

​All proceeds have gone to the American Lung Association in the years 2015-2017. 


We are committed to bringing the community of Cleveland together in a fun and active way. We promise that every event will bring something new and challenging to overcome. Donations and ticket sales of every Huff and Puff event goes strictly to the proceeding cause and production costs. This event is produced by individuals who's soul purpose is to give back, and therefore take no compensation.

Hence the name- "Huff and Puff" Racing is devoted to funding health issues specific towards the respiratory system. We strive to not only cure diseases, but help promote a pro-active approach for the generations to come. We support a healthy enviroment and clean ecosystem. We work with the Litter Bugs to make our community a nicer place. 

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