Frequently Asked Questions

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    Are there any discounts?
    Yes! The promo code to save $20 is "BLACKOPS21". There is also a military discount. Bring your military I.D. onsite and receive $5 cash back.
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    Are there refunds?
    No. Due to the coordination of the event, we have a strict no refund policy.
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    Is there an Age Limit?
    Yes, must be ages 14+ to participate. The Black Ops mission requires ages 17+ (Due to violent content) -No one will be harmed in the case of this event.
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    Can I bring any pets?
    No. Pets are not allowed at this event.
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    Are spectators allowed?
    Yes. Due to a limitation on space there will be a $5 spectator fee. Please sign up as a spectator, so we can plan ahead for the space required. - Due to zombies/participants running around, spectators are to remain within each Base.
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    Can the zombies hurt me?
    No. Zombies are only allowed to grab the flags on your belt. You are also not allowed to touch the zombies in anyway.
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    How much is parking/ baggage hold?
    $0. Both are provided free of charge.
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    How do I become a zombie?
    Follow this link to find out all you need to know about becoming a zombie.
If you have more questions please contact us